The economic effect of non-woven bags

From the start of the ban, plastic bags will gradually be withdrawn from the packaging market and replaced by reusable non-woven bags.Compared with plastic bags, non-woven bags are easier to print patterns and more vivid color expression.Add can use again and again a point, can consider to add more delicate design and advertisement than plastic bag on non-woven cloth environmental protection bag, because can use again and again wear rate is lower than plastic bag, lead to non-woven cloth environmental protection bag instead more save cost, and bring more obvious advertisement benefit.


A beautiful non-woven bags, not just a commodity packaging bags.Its exquisite appearance makes a person fondle admiringly more, can incarnate for fashionable simple one shoulder bag, make street a beautiful scenery together.In addition to its solid, waterproof, non-stick hand characteristics will become the first choice for customers to go out, in such a non-woven bags, can be printed on your company’s logo or advertising, the advertising effect it brings is self-evident, the real small investment into a big return.


Post time: Jan-15-2020