Precautions For Washing Canvas Bags


         Canvas bags are one of the more high-end daily life bags. Every family in life basically has one or two canvas bags. So what issues should we pay attention to when using custom-made canvas in daily life? Guangzhou Tongxing Packaging Products Co.,Ltd. , canvas bag manufacturers share some details about the washing of canvas bags:

1. First cleaning:

When the bag is bought back, it needs special treatment if it is cleaned for the first time. The leather area of ​​the canvas bag can be wiped with a leather paste to prevent folding and pressure, so as to avoid deformation; in order to prolong the service life of the canvas backpack, canvas tote bag, canvas shoulder bag, etc…you need to add a small amount to the water first Salt, let it be fully dissolved in the water, and then soak the canvas bag in the water for half an hour, the advantage of this treatment is to effectively imitate the canvas bag fading.

2. Water temperature requirements:

The canvas bag is made of high-quality canvas, so the water temperature should not be too high when washing. If the water temperature is too high, it will soften like a towel, resulting in slight deformation or looseness of the appearance. It is best to control the water temperature at 30 degrees. The following is better.

3. Cleaning method:

Do not put it in the washing machine and wash with other clothes in order to save trouble. The canvas bag is made of canvas, so it is very easy to absorb color. If other clothes fade, it will affect the color of the canvas backpack itself, which will cause problems. Secondary pollution; try not to wash bags and clothes in order to save trouble.

4. The choice of cleaning agent:

Canvas generally have slight fading, so you need to pay special attention to the type and amount of chemical detergents when cleaning. Generally, do not use detergents that contain bleaching function or fluorescence. When using, you must pay attention to the instructions on the product packaging. If it is not oil stains or ink stains, you need to control the amount as little as possible to minimize fading.

5. Drying:

The canvas bag should not be exposed to the sun, so that the water will quickly evaporate and leave traces and cause yellowing. Therefore, it is best to dry it in a cool place after washing with water. It is best to wrap it with a lot of toilet paper after washing, and it must be close to the surface of the package to prevent coloring, and also to prevent the canvas surface from yellowing and then air-drying or drying in the shade, and do not expose it to the sun.

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Post time: May-20-2021