How Much Is A Non-woven Bag ?


Customers often come to ask: ‘How much is a non-woven eco-friendly bag’. There are many factors that affect the price of a bag, including the material used for the bag, the thickness and size of the bag, the printing method, the color of the printing plate, the number of printings, and the number of bags ordered. Below, Guangzhou Tongxing Packaging Products Co., Ltd. will introduce this information to you.


From the material of the packaging bag: PE/PP are both non-toxic raw materials and can be used for the production of food packaging bags, but the prices of these three materials are somewhat different. On the other hand, a food is sometimes biased towards the choice of a certain material. If the user can’t clearly explain the type of material used, then the non-woven bag factory can only “guess” the type of your bag material based on its own experience and general practice. Then communicate with you, which needs to ask you about the purpose of the bag.

Size & Thickness

The thickness of the bag is the most important aspect that affects the price of non-woven bags, because it directly determines the amount of material used. The author is engaged in website information release, lingers on major business websites all day long, and sees a lot of information about selling bags. This information has one thing in common: only the material and width of the bag are released, and the price is marked at a very low price, but the thickness of the material is never mentioned. We say that these environmentally friendly bag manufacturers are playing a game of information asymmetry with users.

Printing Method

The printing method is also an important factor affecting the price of non-woven bags, because different printing methods use different printing plates, and different plate-making prices and printing prices are worlds apart. Screen printing only costs 100 yuan per plate, while gravure printing requires hundreds of yuan per plate, which is several times the difference. There is a saying that “the wool comes from the sheep”. If you order a small number of bags, the cost of each bag will be a lot worse. Which printing method to choose should respect the customer’s requirements for the printing quality of plastic bags or non-woven environmental protection bags, refer to the number of bags and the types of bags, and find a win-win point that is acceptable to both the plastic bag factory and the user, so that both the supply and demand sides can be achieved. All are happy.

Print Edition

The printing version is also a factor that cannot be ignored in the price of non-woven handbags. The more beautiful a bag and the richer the colors, the more editions will inevitably increase, which is sometimes the main factor affecting the price of the bag. For example, how to print words on non-woven bags, a bag costs three cents to print one version (same color on the same side), and two versions cost six cents. This is a very simple mathematical rule. The absolute majority of users have such a misunderstanding: if the pattern on both sides of the bag is the same, they think that only the printing fee and printing fee of one side will be counted. This is a wrong understanding. The correct algorithm is to have all colors on both sides. Add them together. For example, if the pattern on both sides is the same and both are two colors, then the version should be 4 times, and so on.

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Post time: Jan-10-2022